Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ginny Wrapped in the Sun

R A Lafferty, Ginny Wrapped in the Sun

“Here come the religious nuts again,” Doctor Dismas said. “I may have to kill one of the fools if they keep coming back.” 

         R. A. Lafferty, Ginny Wrapped in the Sun


Sometimes when I'm reading a Lafferty story I have a bad habit of focusing on the wrong parts, that is, if you can manage the argument that there are wrong parts in a Lafferty story.

Reading Ginny Wrapped in the Sun, I hyper-focused on the religious zealots and their misguided and fruitless hunt up and down the mountain.

Two other things influenced the illustration. Namely, my having recently poured through everything I could find online of Harry Clarke's artwork (the designs with small figures in large landscapes were particularly in mind) and the other thing being that during this time I was trying desperately to find a speedier way to produce these illustrations.

Drawing in vector is somewhat tedious and does not have the pleasant pace and fluidity that painting or pen drawing can. It would take a week for me to finish a fully vector-drawn illustration. For this one, I tried merging vector and hand drawn and it still took a week to complete. So go figure.

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