Wednesday, March 9, 2016

FOL3 - Back Covers

My first duties on Feast of Laughter were as a volunteer, digitally removing dust and patching scratches in what is probably the best photograph of R. A. Lafferty I have seen (taken by Keith Purtell).

R A Lafferty, Feast of Laughter 3, Back Cover

For Volume 3, I had the pleasure of designing the back cover using dozens of photos of Lafferty's office door, courtesy of Mr. Warren Brown. The editorial team had wanted either something with the full door or something with a collage of it's components. Eventually, we settled on the image above, which uses both.

Digital collage of Elements from Lafferty's office door by AR Rhodes.

Much of Lafferty’s office (doors, walls, and furnature) was decorated in this manner. He had fully decoupaged his creative domain. I cannot speak for the man, but this is exactly the kind of creative inclination I get when I’m wistfully drunk and especially bored. I shall never show you my guitar case or my poor, poor guitar, for that matter. But will say they are both hopelessly enwrapped in lawless visual trivia.

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