Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jack Bang's Eyes

R A Lafferty, Jack Bangs Eyes

Flip O’Grady was a chimpanzee of mature years and unusual intelligence. He stood a full four feet tall. He was employed as a penny-flipper at the “Probability Division”; it was under the directorship of Doctor Vonk, and so was Flip.
--R. A. Lafferty, “ Jack Bang's Eyes”

Upon reading Jack Bang's Eyes, I had intended to draw a full characterization of Flip O'Grady, coin in hand, peering at the reader with a hunched back and a knowing smirk. But then while doing some fast and fortuitous research on visual representations of probability I came across this outcome map of a coin toss. To me the map already looked like art. The shift from a full character to just a hand came as a means of adjusting to the pyramidal shape but also to help focus the viewer on the flipping of the penny.

The finished piece was created partly in vector and partly brushed into the computer.

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