Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Land of the Great Horses

Land of the Great Horses, R A Lafferty

A Carny in Nebraska lifted his head and smelled the air.
“It’s come back,” he said. “I always knew we’d know. Any other Romanies here?”
--R. A. Lafferty, “Land of the Great Horses”

I managed to grab a hardback copy of Dangerous Visions for almost nothing.  I flipped straight to this story, read the line quoted above, closed the book. It took a few days and a second reading to help understand some of the themes of the story. But for that first night, with a fire behind my eyes, all I knew was that I wasn't putting my head into my pillow until I'd drawn some depiction of a state fair.

Not my best work, but there are elements that I like.

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